Additional Matters Order – COVID19

Additional Matters Order – COVID19

From 13th July 2020, the Chancellor has agreed an Additional Matters Order, which gives Archdeacons the authority temporarily to approve certain matters (in relation to the safe reopening of churches) that would otherwise require a Faculty, such as hand sanitisers, washing facilities, additional furniture, video/broadcasting equipment and pricket stands for votive candles. Any such approval is (currently) for a period not to exceed 1st June 2021. See the Additional Matters Order for further details and procedures to follow to obtain your Archdeacon’s approval. The Additional Matters Order was updated on 9th November 2020 with additional directions relating to the installation of new telephone lines through churchyards.

Public Notice Direction (COVID-19)

With the current government direction to stay at home and with the closure of places of worship, it is impracticable to comply with the conditions for public notice under the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 and the Chancellor has therefore made a direction which applies until further notice

New Faculty Rules

New Faculty Rules come into effect on the 1st April 2020. Guidance will be published to DACs, Registrars, Archdeacons and Chancellors in January. We will be issuing some guidance early in the New Year on the changes and how these will affect those involved in faculties, especially in the parishes.